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Our same great Gen-2 belts where EVERY purchase goes towards supporting our wildlife!

STOCK NOTE. Our belts are all assembled in house and we are waiting on our next batch of buckles to arrive. You can still place your order and your belt will be shipped out late May 2021 - we recommend ordering the colour you want to avoid disappointment as we have limited stock of some colours. Thank you for your support.

Yellow eyed penguin/Hoiho 

Population : 4000 - 5000 (2019)

Hoiho means 'noise shouter' referring to the shrill breeding calls they make.

The population in the South Island of New Zeeland has decreased 65% in 20 years making these birds Nationally endangered.

The Hoiho will moult all its feathers at once, making it landlocked for up to 4 weeks until it grows new waterproof feathers.

During moulting, Hoiho are particularly vulnerable to predation by dogs, cats, ferrets and stoats.
$5 from this purchase goes towards NZ conservation initiatives - Follow up on Instagram @kiwa_nz!

Constructed from heavy duty silicone, Kiwa Diving Weight Belts are more flexible than their traditional rubber counterparts, giving you a better fit and less discomfort when in the water. In addition, silicone is more durable than rubber, offering you better value in the long run. Plus, our belts come in a wide range of stylish colours to complement your gear and personality.

Key Features:

- 4 mm flexible tear-resistant silicone

- 1.4 m length - Unrivalled flexibility, durability and fit

- Quick release stainless steel Marseillaise buckle

- UV, ozone, heat and salt resistant

- Designed in New Zealand